Let’s get things rolling….

Nice to see you over here; you’re warmly welcome to this place of tangental musings about life, general health and all things exercise related.

I’ve spent a considerable chunk of my life in the fitness industry, I started out way back in an era called the nineties in Gym Instruction, pumped and full of energy in those early days……. and quite possibly sporting a greater degree of flexibility. Gym Management and Personal Training followed; but not content with bossing individuals around, I returned to University to find out how to educate groups. I spent the next 10 years as a Lecturer in Exercise and Fitness and boy, did I love that job although I never envisaged that some of my energetic newbies would be teaching my own children to swim or play sport a few years down the line!

Weird but totally wonderful all at the same time.

Motherhood presented an opportunity for me to write, initially magazine articles and some projects with schools. I authored a couple of books which receive feedback that on the whole, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And now, dear reader it would appear it’s my time to be bothersome on a different platform. I wish I could promise you sparkling wit and repertoire; in reality, the best you can hope for is some decent content offering suggestions on how to enjoy the skin you’re in.

Welcome to all the shapes and sizes who visit here; from newbies to experienced trainers……… the kettle is always on.

Loretta x

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