Transporting the Good Stuff.

This week brought the return to high school for my older child, followed by the inevitable dilemma of how to pack healthy, nutritionally loaded food into her whilst on the move.

Under my watchful eye (and supported by a fridge packed with beneficial choices), my daughter’s a triple A student. Loves raw, manages her sugar intake without me breathing down her neck and on the whole she eats well and plentyful. High school however, has presented us with some challenges and not the ones I was expecting.

Sure, there’s the odd high sugar drink with lunch and a selection of fattier foods that any self respecting tween would consume; there are more ‘snacks’ generally to sustain the fifty minute bus journey she undertakes to and from school.

All of a sudden, we’ve become super picky about fruit and vegetables that aren’t ‘fridge fresh’. Last term saw the return of more berries and chopped peppers than I’m sure I sent her with, accompanied by an explanation that they were ‘ a bit squished’ or ‘had gone warm’. I tried everything, from different containers, to adding cool packs, even frozen fruit which then proceeded to leak out onto everything during the defrost process!

I think I’ve found my solution ( I don’t believe in jinx’s folks… she says, typing with her ankles crossed.) Morning smoothies for the bus; a high protein low sugar yoghurt base such as Sky R (Aldi have a more economical version than the more well know brands). Be mindful to check the sugar as the low fat yoghurts invariably contain higher levels of sugar than the regular version of the same product. Chuck in all the left over, imperfect squished fruit from my fridge (sshhh, don’t tell) and whizz up in the blender. The addition of ice makes it cooler and feels a little more grown up for her I think. If you find it a tad gloopy after whizzing, or indeed if it struggles to get going, add a small amount of water which ticks the hydration box too.

Even added half a teaspoon of the anticancer wonder powder Tumeric yeserday; she never even noticed.

Enjoy the bank holiday everyone

Loretta x

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